Eva Guillén

Iron Curtain - Copy Eva Guillén

This painting is about my feelings towards fascism and rasism here, and ofcourse in other places! Anyway. I acutally went to Krakowia some sunny day with my friends in the winter 2009, so we also took the bus to Auschwitz and Birkenau. It took 2 hours. So not uncommon this was a really disgusting feeling and I had to paint at least 3 paintings, and I´m still not over it yet. I will soon come up with the holocaust painting soon as my mom have pictured it on a photo. So I can show you. Well at Auschwitz I actually saw some Jewish spirits and they frightened me, even tho they didn´t say much. Just pased my way. Well. I guess death is some thing we all fear. Just send me a message and we can see if you want to buy this one: hej@cuteshop.se
6000 SEK